Peachy Keen Films – Freaky Side

Peachy Keen Films – Freaky Side

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Micah was waiting for her new boyfriend to get done with work so they could go to dinner. When she asked him about a special locked room he had at his home, he did not want to talk about it. Micah just wanted to explore her freaky side, but he ignored her and took a phone call.

While he was on the phone, Micah drifted off into daydream-land. In her dream, she fantasized that she was in this special room and her new boyfriend was doing all kinds of freaky things to her. This dream was amazing. First, she was tied to a bench, paddled and fucked. Then, she was tied to a post and forced to orgasm. Finally, she was suspended in mid air while she was forced to cum while being fucked.

Micah abruptly woke up when her boyfriend was calling for her. She was so excited about the dream, she had to tell him that she, in fact, broke into the room earlier that day and saw all the equipment it contained. Her boyfriend, upset, but trying not to show it, told her to fix her make up so they could go out.

While she was turned away, he pulled a large chain out of his desk drawer. He kept it for such purposes as this–when the new girlfriend asked too many questions about his special room.

He pulled the chain hard against her neck. She struggled and fought for her life. In the end, her throat was crushed and blood oozed out her mouth.

Now dead, he decided to strip her before disposing her. He slowly undressed her, checking out her fine form one last time.

When he was finished, he picked her up and carried her off.

Freaky Side.wmv

Freaky Side.wmv

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