Peachy Keen Films – Gun Fun–Amber

Peachy Keen Films – Gun Fun–Amber

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: This is emphasis on exaggerated machine-gunning deaths, but also has several pistol and silenced weapon kills. There is a mix of themes, 2 costume changes and nudes, and lots of sounds from Amber, clutching, and body search and body rolling.

There are 48 Deaths Scenes

There are a variety of styles and reactions–this is packed full of great content that should appeal to everyone who has enjoy my past “gun fun” releases.

In addition, I added slow motions and digital effects version to some of the death scenes.

This is presented in crystal clear HD, but any viewer will display it in the best possible quality for your monitor and system.

Fetish Elements: Nudity, Lots of Shooting, Lots of Body Views and butt views.
Gun Fun--Amber
Gun Fun–Amber.wmv

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