Peachy Keen Films – Hostages

Peachy Keen Films – Hostages

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Trapped in a hotel, three young women are awaiting their fate. Two captor of the most sickest, twisted nature are in their most desperate hour, however, the concentration seems more on killing and sex rather then bargaining and escape. They go through the motions, but their heart lies someplace where morality ends and evil begins. Jamie, the hot, buxom female of the killer duo selects the first girl — young sweet Emma. On vacation with her family, she was snagged before she could meet her parents for lunch. She resists and as she tells her captors off, Chris blasts her in the head before the words are complete. She is instantly dead. But the fun is just beginning. Soon, it is time for the next victim. This time, Jamie wants to try out her new toy, a .44 magnum. She has trouble holding the heavy three pound gun and errantly fires into the girl’s side, through her ribcage. The young girl is in agony. Jamie tries again with Chris’s Glock, aiming for her chest but this time hitting her in the belly. Finally, Chris uses his Glock to finish her off between the tits proper. Jamie then take some time with the body, but gets blood on her blouse and has to run to the bathroom to clean it off. Meantime, Machelle, the last survivor, has called Chris over in a desperate attempt to save herself. Making it up as she goes along, she somehow convinces him that Jamie is a double-crosser. When Jamie emerges from the bathroom, Chris levels two quick shots into her left tit — dropping her almost instantly. Machelle, hoping Chris is a man of his word, tells him how to escape in hopes that he will take her with him. Instead, he throws her to the floor amidst the other bodies and taps her twice in the left tit and gives her a postmortem tap to the head. He gathers his things and makes his escape, using the info Machelle so kindly divulged.


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