Peachy Keen Films – Inescapable Cruelty

Peachy Keen Films – Inescapable Cruelty

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two sisters are tied back-to-back, held against their will, not knowing what is happening. Soon a man in a nice suit enters and explains the situation. Their father owes someone money and they are being held under threat of death until he pays up. The girls are really scared and their captors calm demeanor and carefree attitude about whether they live or die is not helping matters. First, he has one of the girls make a call to her father on her own phone. This does the trick, her desperate pleas to her daddy instantly have him calling back in. Their captor answers and explains what’s at stake. Then it is just a waiting game. Things don’t progress very well. Daddy has trouble getting the cash, or maybe he does not have the proper motivation. During a phone exchange the captor tries to emphasize the importance of the situation by suddenly executing the youngest of his girls — Emma — right out of school, ready to start her life, now dead and still tied to her very much alive older sister who is freaking out. He calms her down, explains that now, really, the father’s debt is pretty much square with his daughter’s death. All he wants now, is a little action. First, he sets about with some good old fashion corpse abuse. He unties Meghan and allows her to sit on the couch and watch as he strips off her little sister, fondles her before being interrupted by a call, takes it, then moves to Meghan. She tried to pull away, but he is on her and throws her to the ground where he gets ready to have his way with her. She somehow cracks him in the nuts with her leg and he promptly caps her in the forehead. Now, she is quiet, he can spend time fondling her. He picks her up and lays her on her younger sister and leaves.

Inescapable Cruelty
Inescapable Cruelty.wmv

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