Peachy Keen Films – Mutants Vs. Amazons

Peachy Keen Films – Mutants Vs. Amazons

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Description: The world changed with a flash and loud roar one winter day in late 2012. We were practically wiped out. Humanity as we knew it, gone forever.

Out of the ashes and nuclear winters rose two races. The Amazons. These women were a scavenger/hunter race. They searched the ruins of the cities for shiny things and pretty clothes. They were shoppers with machine-guns and it was best to stay out of their way.

Then, there was the Mutants. The men, transformed and disfigured. They became perpetually horny teenagers with very bad breath. When they were not fighting with each other, they were watching for a stray Amazon to rape and murder….not necessarily in that order.

Today, like any other day for the Amazons, was a scavenger day. Always on the lookout for Mutants they entered the abandoned building on the west side of the old city.

Watch the Amazons as they:

–Search the building for loot in their skimpy clothes.

–Try on and model a bikini top.

–Chase after, then meticulously search for mutants.

–Kill a mutant.

–Watch a poor Amazon get attacked then shot multiple times.

–What the Amazons rescue their friend and take cover.

–Witness a huge gun battle between the Mutant and Amazons.

–See the Amazons get riddled with bullets.

–Watch their corpses get riddled with even more bullets.

–Observe as the Mutant fucks each Amazon babe then leaves his green jizz oozing out her pussy.

–Body pans of the dead Amazons.
Mutants Vs Amazons
Mutants Vs Amazons.wmv

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