Peachy Keen Films – Painted Dolls

Peachy Keen Films – Painted Dolls

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: A young nurse arrives home after a long day at work. Soon, a man comes to the door and claims to have a delivery for her. She reluctantly lets him in. He violently attacks her from behind while she is distracted. He lifts her up off the ground and strangles her with one of her white stockings. They fall to the floor and, after a short struggle, he has her in his lap and is strangling her again. She fights hard and long. Once she is dead, he spends plenty of time with her body. Soon, her roommate arrives — also a nurse. He quickly hides. The young nurse finds her roommate’s clothes disheveled on the floor. Nervous, she searches for her through the house. In the bedroom, she finds her friend dead. In a panic, she tries to resuscitate her. While she is distracted, the killer emerges from his hiding place and attacks her, dragging her out of the room. He tries to strangle her with his forearm, but she manages to break free. He is on her again in an instant and wraps her roommate’s stocking around her soft neck. Viciously he strangles her, jamming his knee into her back and forcing her to arch back. She struggles ferociously and for a long time. They change positions again and she is in his lap and slowly she starts to fade away. Once she is dead, he strips her and plays with her body. Then he carries her into the bedroom and poses her next to her roommate. He applies makeup to both of them, making them almost doll-like. He is about to leave when the phone rings and he hears a most interesting message. Soon, another young woman arrives at her sister’s house. When she discovers a nursing uniform on the floor she hurries to the bedroom to find both her sister and her roommate dead on the bed. She runs screaming out of the room and through the house only to fly right into the killer’s arms, waiting for her upstairs. He flips her around and gets her in an forearm choke hold. Pumped up on adrenaline after killing two other young women, he violently falls to the ground with her. She struggles fiercely for a couple minutes, then he is able to crush her windpipe. Barely alive, her body spasms for a few moments then is still. Now, he has a third beautiful girl to play with and he spends plenty of time with her.

Painted Dolls
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