Peachy Keen Films – Pajama Party Massacre

Peachy Keen Films – Pajama Party Massacre

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Four college girls are hanging out, having fun. They play cards, have a pillow fight, and, when things lead to truth-or-dare, they try some lesbian experimentation. Later, when they are all asleep an insane killer enters and dispatches them one by one. The first girl surprises him, and he quickly kills her, crushing her throat with his powerful arm. He finds the next girl asleep next to her friend in the upstairs bedroom. He slowly caresses her soft young body, but after a while tires of this and wraps the thin strap, his weapon from the last place he visited, around her neck. She wakes up to no air and instantly panics and struggles, waking her girlfriend next to her. He reaches over and punches the other girl, knocking her out so he can continue to kill. And he does. After a long vicious struggle, with spread wide legs, and eyes budging, she is dead. He moves on to the next girl. The killer swiftly places the garrote around her neck. He slowly, yet with great insane intensity, strangles her. She is overwhelmed, but tries hard to live. Mouth agape, her tongue lunges for air, but there is none to be had. She fades away, eyes staring at nothing in particular. Then the killer goes downstairs and garrote strangles the last sleeping girl. She is a fighter and almost gets away. Her legs fly around, her young nude body twists and turns, trying to find that one hope for release. But our killer is insanely strong and will not give up. She weakens and finally slides to the floor. He lets her fall, her head smacking the carpet with a thud, dead and eyes fixed open. Finally, he carries her and the first girl back upstairs and poses them on the bed with the others.

Pajama Party Massacre
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