Peachy Keen Films – Pledge Night

Peachy Keen Films – Pledge Night

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: In the dark basement of an abandoned mental institution, two girls search for their friends. They are the last of a group of Kappa Delta Chi pledges, challenged to stay the night in this deserted place as part of the test to make it into the sorority. Now, scared and in the dark they search for their other companions. Feeling they are being watched and knowing that something is coming for them they run — spitting up in the process. Keely runs down to the sub-cellar and is trapped. She feels its presence before her and as she backs away in fear, she begs for help. Suddenly it is up on her in the form of a strong hand around her neck — lifting her off the ground against the wall. She kicks her legs feverously trying to break free, but there is no escape. Whatever is doing this to her, takes it’s time, slowly squeezing the life out of this young girl. She was just out of high school and ready to start a life away from home… she thought she would take English, maybe be a teacher one day. It will not happen for Keely — her young life is about to end in this deserted place of horror. Her tongue reaches out for air — she tries to make sounds, but only strange guttural noises come out. She weakens, her feet kick slower, her arms no longer try to pull the hand off her neck. Finally, she is still. The killer lets her slide down with a thunk, then drags her off along the dirty floor. She is laid roughly on a table, stripped and molested. Summer comes in, sees her friend and goes up to her. She panics seeing that she is dead and backs into some pipes — hands reach out and attack her, but she escapes — running for her life. She slides down a hallway wall, looking for a way out, and finds it when the wall behind her lets her pass right through — and she is gone. She lands hard on a fancy carpet in a small, warmly lit, room. Light music is playing and she is confused. A man sits before her. She asks for help — explaining that her friend is dead. The man, calmly explains her “situation”. She listens in disbelief as he describes the actual “contract” for staying at this place. She begins to see what is happening, begins to realize the danger when he is on her. So fast she is in a chair now, a garrote wrapped tightly around he neck. She bucks and kicks, trying to break free, but he has her locked in place. As she struggles, he explores her body with his free hand, rubbing her perfect tits and feeling her pussy through her cute yellow panties. She fights hard, eyes very wide. Her mouth opens, soon spit and drool emerge from her lips — foaming as her saliva runs down her chin. She bucks and spasms, but eventually slows down. Finally, she is just staring — occasional spasms and twitches — then still. He explores her body and for good measure does the young collage girl then lets her legs fall with a thud. He admires her body for a time, then picks her up and carries her out to place her with the others.

Pledge Night
Pledge Night.wmv

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