Peachy Keen Films – Shooting Experiment 2

Peachy Keen Films – Shooting Experiment 2

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: 16 Shots Total!!!

A young woman is being held in a seclusion cell, awaiting execution for her crimes.

A doctor arrives, offering her a one day reprieve if she would participate in a scientific experiment.

She agrees.

The doctor gives her a medical exam that leaves her feeling small and humiliated.

The next day, she is escorted to the execution chamber. The doctor is tells her to strip. Then, she is given a special dildo that contains special sensors for the experiment. She must insert it all the way into her pussy. She must keep it inside her throughout the process.

The doctor explains to her that he is shooting her with special, low impact rounds in non-vital areas to gave her sexual/pain response. The dildo inside her will measure her sexual juices and he will be checking it’s reading from time to time. After he has collected enough data, he will end her suffering.

She nods that she understands. She already signed the consent, there was nothing she could do now.

He aimed the gun at her and fired. The first round hitting her just below the belly button. She was in pain and shock.

The doctor continued. It was a long, slow, painful process. He would shoot her in various places, pause for a moment and shoot her again. He would occasionally check the sensor. Her suffering was immense. She just wanted to die and was having trouble holding herself up.

13 shots later and he was finally done. He had shot her several places: breasts, belly, pelvis, pussy. She was delirious with pain wanted to die so bad.

He took her down then dragged her out of the room.

On the medical exam table, she was barely alive, shivering all over, full of bleeding holes.

He took pushed the barrel of the gun in on her tummy wounds, causing blood to seep out of her pussy and her to writhe in pain.

He placed the gun at her pussy, this time loaded with a normal round. He fired. The bullet easily travel through her body, resting somewhere in her skull. She was dead.

He fired a coulpe more times into her crotch.

He spent time cleaning her up to allow for easy view of each would for later documentation. He was pleased with the experiment, but knew he would need more subjects to complete his work.

Shooting Experiment 2
Shooting Experiment 2.wmv

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