Peachy Keen Films – Taking Care of Business

Peachy Keen Films – Taking Care of Business

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: A very pregnant young woman is exercising in her home when a man comes it to kill her.

But first, he had the woman perform sexual favors knowing that she will let him thinking that he might let her live.

He forces her to give him oral, then fucks her hard on the couch, squirting his cum all over her prego belly.

Then, before she can even react to the rape, he shoots her in the pussy. She clutches her wound in pain. He pulls her up and pushes her against the wall.

She can barely stand when he fired two shots into her belly. She starts to fall over, but he keeps her up and brings her back to the couch. She can barely stay standing. He takes aim and shoot her three times across her engorged breasts.

She falls back on the couch. A tiny spasm erupts throughout her body, then a trick of blood dribbles out her mouth. She is dead.

He leaves her on the couch. He executed the bosses lover. His boss will be relieved upon hearing the news that he has taken care of business.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Pregnancy, Explicit Sexual Content, Crying, Scared, Forced BJ, Forced Sex, Cum Shot, Multi-Shooting, Body Views.

Taking Care Of Business
Taking Care Of Business.wmv

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