Peachy Keen Films – Terminal

Peachy Keen Films – Terminal

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Bettie is on nurse duty for old man Simmons — who is dying of some unknown disease — and it is a pretty cushy job. All she has to do is screw his brains out once a day and he takes care of her financially. Now the old man wants a piece of her partner — Beth. She tries to convince Beth that there are special benefits for “doing” the old man, but she is only grossed out at the thought and just wants to do her job. Bettie is on break while Beth does her nursely duties, straightening his bed, making sure he not over-taking his meds. He swats at her legs a few times, trying to cop a feel, but she is onto him. Frustrated, he pulls out a belt from under his pillow. It is her belt, and rather expensive. She tries to get it back, but with hidden strength, he yanks her onto the bed and wraps the belt around her neck. They struggle about for some time and she makes very audible noises before he can finally get the belt tight enough to start choking her off. After about five minutes, she is dead. He checks her body out, sucks her tits then suddenly, he realizes Bettie should be back soon, so he shoves her off the bed along the wall where she will not see her. Bettie comes in and starts to give him another round. She mistakenly sees her friend’s body and he has no choice but to choke her while she is straddling him. He flips her onto her back to finish her off, and about five minutes later, she is dead. He lifts up Beth and positions her on the bed before he leaves.


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