Peachy Keen Films – The Reporter

Peachy Keen Films – The Reporter

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Description: Paris Kennedy, an up and coming TV reporter is about to break a big story. Finishing a remote, that will air as a teaser in the morning before she breaks her story, she says goodbye to her cameraman and settles in for the evening.

Unfortunately, someone has gotten wind of her nosiness, killed her source and now is after the tape the holds the evidence.

He attacks her in her room, rendering her unconscious. He slowly strips her, playing with her body and fingering her pussy. Then, he puts a ball gag in her mouth. He turns her over, cuffs her hand, turns her back and lifts her up. She groggily starts to wake up as he walks her out of the room to a chair. He asks her about the tape, but she plays tough and refused to tell him. He motivates her by running a knife up and down her body, fingers her a bit, then moves the knife perilously close to her pussy. She talks and he leaves her bound in the room while he goes out to her car to search for the tape.

When he returns, tape in hand, he decided not to let her go as he had promised her. Instead, he wants to have some fun. He forced her to her knees and had her suck his cock. He forced himself into her mouth, often gagging her. Later, he takes her into the bedroom. He licks her sweet pussy, the forces himself on her, fucking her hard then switching out to lick her pussy some more. Finally, he fucks her again, then empties his load in her mouth.

Finished, he unties her and leaves. She is relieved, though raped and violated, she lived through this. Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case at all. He returned, quickly wrapping a rope garrote around her neck. She fought wildly as he strangled the young reporter to death. When it was over, he felt her body one last time. He touched her large, full breasts, rand his hand down to her warm, tight pussy. He left her laying sprawled out on the bed, deep garrote mark on her neck. It is ironic that the big story tomorrow would be about a murder reporter rather then busting the lid open on organized crime in Southtown.

The Reporter
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