Peachy Keen Films – Violent Shooting 1

Peachy Keen Films – Violent Shooting 1

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Just as the title implies, this is meant to be a brutal, violent shooting of an innocent girl. Emphasis is on the overall acting and character development of the girl and her reaction to being shot with moderate blood.

Sam was tending the counter at her fathers shop when a customer came in. He was very quiet. She tried to help him, but as soon as he realized she was alone, he pulled out a gun.

Pointing it at the yong scared girl, he forced her to come out around the counter and strip out her her clothes so she would not run away. Nude and scared, she crouched low to the ground as she watched him load his bag with merchandise.

She started to panic, she stood up, freaking out. He told her to be quiet and when she wouldn’t, he shot her in the belly. She fell back against the shelf and then hard to the floor. She was bleeding heavily. She rolled on the floor in pain and shock. Blood was coming out of her belly, her mouth, she coundn;t think.

As he started to leave, she rolled over on her back, almost pleading with him, but could say nothing.

He glanced at her form, bloody and trembling, then shot the girl in the temple. With a crimson eruption, she was dead. Her life taken away for some crap in a bag that he left with.

She lay dead on the floor of her fathers shop, blood pooling around her.

Violent Shooting 1
Violent Shooting 1.wmv

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