Psycho-Thrillers – Athletes Final Medal

Psycho-Thrillers – Athletes Final Medal

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: This movie starts with an female athlete and champion going through her morning work out when she is interrupted with a knock at her door. An executive from the Sports Committee was dispatched to conduct an investigation into the allegations levied against her ranging from illegal performance enhancing drugs to the murders of several men over the past 2 years. She adamantly denies all charges but becomes infuriated when the executive asks for her trophy to be handed over to him. She grabs the trophy and he apologizes and hopes all allegations will be proven unfounded but before he can finish his sentence or collect the trophy, she strikes him across the forehead with her trophy, immediately sending him reeling to the floor. He never knew what hit him as she reels off hit after hit after hit until he is a bloody mesh. While unconscious he can feel her standing over him, watching and waiting. Then she lowers her mouth to his ear and whispers that all the allegation were true, that she did take illegal drugs and enjoyed that and the murder of those men. She threatens to do the same to the executive and steps over his body and grab a weapon. The executive heard her threat, awakened and knew he had to act quickly. He pulls his belt out his pants and stands against a wall where he is shielded form view. His only hope is that we can attack her before she sees him. He cannot run because the gate below locks and only can be released manually and he does not know where the switch box is located. A few minutes later she returns. She looks around but does not turn around. He sneaks up on her and wraps the belt tightly around her neck. They struggle back and forth and she drops the gun to try to use both hands to loosen the belt but cannot. They fall to the floor with him still holding on for dear life. She struggles violently then begins to slow down, to weaken. A few more minutes pass and she goes into shock. The executive doesn’t bother to stop. He wants her dead. Finally she is still, eyes open. He releases her but instead of gathering himself and leaving or calling 911, he takes a different approach. He admires her body. Never had he ever thought he could take anyone’s life, especially an athlete but he just did. He goes down and begins to touch her and exposes her sexual areas. He decides to carry her to the couch after undressing and it is there that he fucks her hard and fast in three different positions before he comes on her belly. He dresses, tosses the trophy in his brief case and walks away.


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