Psycho-Thrillers – Doll House

Psycho-Thrillers – Doll House

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Contains: Montage Set-up, Neck Break, Arm & OTS Carry, Fondling, Undressing, Foot Play, Limp Play, Body Handling, Nudity

Description: A young girl is working out within her gazebo one early morning when she is surprised and attacked from behind by a killer. She puts up a fight but in the end her neck is snapped and she falls lifelessly to the floor. The killer puts her on his shoulders and carries her off. Moments later they arrive at his DOLL HOUSE. He places his newest victim on a swing then loops her pants around her feet to swing her lifeless body. Next he arm caries her to the floor and plays with her long limp arms and hands and exposes her breasts and her entire body in the great outdoors. Once he’s had enough, he arm carries her inside his DOLL HOUSE where he plays with her limp hands some more by having her play with his children’s calculator and then he has her hand play with her own pussy and breasts. He bends her over the chair and plays with her some more before sitting her up against the wall and leaving, only to have her slump back against the chair, her final resting place for sometime to come.

Doll House

Doll House.mp4

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