Psycho-Thrillers – NATURAL BORN KILLERS 6 True

Psycho-Thrillers – NATURAL BORN KILLERS 6 True

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Amber is on the phone awaiting her friend to pickup. Her face is slightly battered around the eye and mouth with a small hint of blood. Her friend picks up. Amber says he beat me again. Nikki understands. He came home drunk from one of his poker parties. He lost a lot of money and took it out on her. She says this time it was different. When he beat her, he threatened her life this time. Amber doesn’t feel safe anymore. She wants to pack up and escape before he returns and needs her help. Nikki says she’s be there in 5 minutes. Five minutes later, Nikki jumps out and rushes to the door. Nikki enters as the door is already ajar. She enters slowly calling Amber’s name. Suddenly Amber appears from the dining area from the kitchen, arms across low over her body. Nikki slowly approaches, asking if Amber is ok. Amber looks at her with sad eyes and says please forgive me. Nikki asks what is she talking about unaware her husband is right behind her. She turns and her eyes widen as he chloroforms her. Amber opens the door to the bedroom, looking submissive as TJ carried Nikki inside in her arms TJ throws her to the bed as Amber stands over them. I did what you asked, Amber says sadly. TJ says he knows and that she played her part great. he now asks for Amber’s help in stripping off Nikki’s clothing. Amber dives in and helps until Nikki is naked. TJ removed his clothing then asks Amber to do the same Amber slowly complies TJ sits at Nikki’s head and spreads her thighs and asks Amber to go down on Nikki’s pussy. She does, slowly and softly as Nikki begins to moan. With Nikki groaning, TJ roughly flips her over and tells Amber to keep eating while he ties her hands behind her back TJ removes a pair of zip ties from his pants as Amber obeys. He flips her back face up again and begins to awaken her. When Nikki is conscious, she yells at Amber “How can you do this to me! I came her to help you!” Amber says she is so sorry and that she has to follow whatever her husband says because he is her husband and she loves him. Amber sounds like a robot, her eyes empty.
TJ grabs a gun on the floor close to the bed then Nikki and forces her to her knees on the bed
“Suck my dick or die right now!” TJ holds the gun close to her head “Listen, I won’t fight you. I will blow you and you can have whatever you want but please don’t kill me.” With that she is forced to blow TJ. When he is ready, he pushes Nikki to her back. TJ tells Amber to hold Nikki down. Amber palms both Nikki’s tits and pins her to the bed as TJ forces her legs open TJ fucks her violently, making her cry as Amber looks on with a blank face. When TJ is done, Nikki spits at Amber. Amber wipes it off, it doesn’t affect her, she deserves it.
You spit at my wife? TJ yells, positioning himself behind her and wrapping an arm around her neck so hold her Amber reach into my pants pocket and pull out what you find. Amber reaches in and pulls out a red ribbon. He commands her to give it to him and she does “I’m the Red Ribbon Strangler bitch! My wife has been feeding me bitches the last 2 years. You’re the next to last I will kill in this county. Nikki tries to scream and struggle as he loops the ribbon around her neck and strangles her to death. Amber participates by kneeling off to the side, watching and occasionally enjoying the touch of Nikki’s fighting body as she breaks free of her restraints but not from the clutches of death itself. Nikki urinates a Nikki urinates as he pumps the life out of her. TJ tells Amber to check her pulse on her wrist and neck. Amber does and even listens at her nose and chest for signs of breathing, her hand copping a feel of a Nikki tit as she does
“Nikki’s gone TJ. You killed her. “Good! The bitch had it coming. Always flaunting that hot little ass around town. It’s amazing it took this long.” “She was my friend.” She was shit!” TJ raises his voice then softens “I’m sorry baby.” He kisses her. Listen, I want to fuck her again. Get me ready.” TJ places himself in a relaxed position and Amber sucks his dick until he’s hard again. He reverse cowgirl Nikki sitting on the edge of the bed, groping her tits as she hangs…he then fucks her doggie style but something is missing. I want you to join me he says extending his hand to Amber. Amber joins him, placing herself in a doggie style position in front of Nikki. TJ arranges Nikki’s body so she is sitting up in bed watching, her legs spread as he fucks Amber. Suddenly he snaps Amber’s neck once and she falls to the bed twitching. He grabs her neck again and the second twist kills her. “I have another girl I groomed to take your place. I don’t like when bitches start getting second thoughts or questioning my appetites.” Amber urinates. He places her mouth on Nikki’s pussy so she licks it as he fucks her.

Psycho-Thrillers - NATURAL BORN KILLERS 6

Psycho-Thrillers – NATURAL BORN KILLERS 6

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