Psycho-Thrillers – Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 16 – Grace X – Twin Killing

Psycho-Thrillers – Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 16 – Grace X – Twin Killing

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Description: Grace and Julia are in the bedroom of a house. Grace X is holding a folder Julia X has a gun.

A prominent spy has had plastic surgery to change his appearance, and obtained a new identity. Grace X has stolen his file that has pictures of his new face. She arranges to ransom the pictures back to him, but really intends to kill him and steal the money. To do this, she enlists her twin sister Julia X to assist in trapping him.

Julia goes hide in the next room, with the door open just a crack to watch. Grace X offered herself as a bate. She will play with him a little, and when he makes his move to kill her, Julia is suppose to step in and blow his nice new head right off.

Julia watching from behind the door throe a crack. She sits down in a chair, holding her gun and occasionally sighting through the crack into the bedroom.

Grace strips down to lingerie, then settles on the bed with the folder to wait for the masked spy.

While she waits for the masked spy has entered the house secretly. He sneaks up behind Julia. While she is looking through the door-crack at her sister, he grabs Julia’s neck and strangles her to death. To double confirm her death he snaps her neck. When she is dead, eyes staring, and tongue out, he takes her hand and stroke his dick with it till is rock hard. Than he bends Julia over the chair and fuck her from behind till he cums all over her ass. He takes the gun and backs away.

Masked spy appears next at Grace bedroom. Grace has no idea he has murdered Julia. After their business transaction, Grace offers him sex to remember him buy. Even it was just the bate so Julia can kill him.

She opens his pants and sucks his dick.

When he is fully hard, she stands up and bends over bed to showing him her ass. She is facing away from the door Julia is behind. The masked spy comes to her, but first he passes the door and pushes it open.

He comes up behind Grace, she turns her around and she sees her dead twin sister through the door. Grace is shocked. She tries to break away from him, but he roped a garrote around her neck and he strangles her to death. When she is dead he pushes her body over and she flops face down on the bed. He fucks her there, taking her from behind at first, then he fuck her mouth and finely he puts her on her back and finishes fucking her till he climaxes inside her pussy.

When the cum is dripping out of Grace, he take his money, his folder and disappear in dark night.


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