Psycho-Thrillers – Undercover CIA Agent Strangled

Psycho-Thrillers – Undercover CIA Agent Strangled

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Description: Two undercover CIA agents, a man and woman, meet with a crime lord at his mansion to make a trade. They have a bugged briefcase of cash, which the agency will use to track the crime lord’s movements.
The crime lord welcomes them in and fawns over the beautiful female agent. He suddenly decides that the agents have to be frisked, “for safety.” He takes his time skimming and cupping the girl agent’s delicious curves, then skips the guy altogether. The criminal suggests that they have a drink to celebrate their business deal, clearly trying to put the moves on the girl, but she insists on getting to business. She presents the briefcase, in exchange for an envelope of state secrets.
The criminal doesn’t like this brush-off, and suddenly asks how he can be certain they’re not secret agents trying to screw him over? They try to reason with him, but he’s not buying it. The crime lord’s got an idea. He looks at the guy and says, “If you’re not a spy, prove it. Kill your partner!”
“More money for you, right? Strangle her to death, right here.”
The girl is rattled, and tries to object, saying there’s got to be a better way, but the guy knows that this is his only shot. Grimly, he reaches out and grabs his partner by the throat.
Shocked at her partner’s betrayal, she struggles with all her strength, but he’s merciless. The crime lord looks on in vicious amusement, snarling encouragement.
The girl is almost dead, twitching out the last dregs of life. The man wants to let go. He’s made his point, he says, but the crime lord insists, no, not until she’s dead. The guy complies, throttling her to death. When the crime lord is finally satisfied, he gives the man the envelope and tells him to get lost. Now he’s alone at last with the beautiful agent, who gave her life for her country. He takes his time enjoying her helpless body.

Undercover CIA Agent Strangled

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