Seductive Studio – BATGIRL – BRING THE PHEAR

Seductive Studio – BATGIRL – BRING THE PHEAR

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Batgirl stumbles into her hideout, completely weakened from the effects of a strong drug called “Phear”. She makes her way to where she has stashed an antidote, and collapses on the ground as she opens the box. It’s empty!! Just then, Talia emerges with the antidote in hand. She knew Batgirl would return for it, and now she is powerless to stop her! After a brief struggle, Talia plunges a syringe into Batgirl’s neck and injects her with a stronger dose of the Phear syrum. Images of Batgirl’s worst nemesis’s assault her as the syrum works on her subconcious. Batgirl is bound with rope, and Talia instructs her henchmen by phone to prepare the room… Batgirl awakens in a dark cavern. She is still very weak and quickly realizes that Talia has prepared a trap for her. Talia returns and the girls struggle but Batgirl is taken by surprise as Talia quickly kisses her on the cheek. Poison Ivy’s lipstick!! Completly weakened, Batgirl is thrown against the wall where she is exposed to Talia’s final trap. Batpaper!! She is stuck tight and powerless to stop Talia from completing her plan… a bomb is thrown at her feet with a timer set to blow… Can our hero escape from this trap, or is it curtains?!



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