Seductive Studio – DRUG MONEY

Seductive Studio – DRUG MONEY

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Part One:Daphne is invited into house by Sophie,Daphne is a professional thief and is pretending to be a real estate agent doing free house evaluations,she is dressed in white business shirt,mini skirt,hair tied up in ponytail and wearing glasses and carries a briefcase(containing duct tape,…..),she knows Sophie is involved in drug supply and has large amounts of cash on the premises.Daphne asks sophie if she can use bathroom and while she is gone a suspicous sophie opens up briefcase on table and finds contents,takes the … out and conceals it and closes briefcase,Daphne comes back and sits at table,Sophie pretends to go to get a drink,walks behind Daphne and puts the … to her head,she orders daphne to open briefcase and hand her the black duct tape,sophie stands her up and ties her hands behind her back with the tape,daphne asks to be let go,sophie laughs and gags her with the tape,sits her down on the lounge and tapes her ankles together,daphne tries to talk through the gag and sophie tells her shut up,sophie then gags her again with the tape,this time doing a wraparound gag with the tape.Sophie then tells her she is going to have fun finding out what daphnes true plans were,sophie tells daphne that she has a beach date with a friend already organised and has to go,so she has to make Daphne more secure while she is gone,she grabs the … from the briefcase,thanks Daphne for it and smothers her mouth and daphne passes out,she starts to drag daphne off lounge,scene fades out.. Part 2: Daphne has been stripped to her underwear(pink or black bra and panties)and has been tied standing up to a pole/post in basement/garage,her hands are tied above her head and behind the post and to the post,ankles and thighs tied(all with rope)and rope looped above and below breasts and above and below her panties,she is passed out,Sophie enters,wearing a black bikini and thong bikini bottom,she takes daphnes glasses off and pulls daphnes ponytail out,sophie then grabs a bucket of water and tips it over daphnes head and body pulls her wet hair and tells her to wake up,daphne comes to and says she is sorry but was desperate for money and wouldnt say anything if she let her go,sophie laughs and says she is going to have lots of fun with her little thief when she gets back,sophie then cleave gags daphne with a black cloth and then just for effect grabs a bit more rope and loops a couple of coils around daphnes neck and around the post,sophie leaves daphne and says she will be back in half hour and not to go anywhere and leaves the room,daphne struggles for a minute or two and scene fades out.. Part 3:Daphne is working hard on her wrists and is nearly free when she hears sophie coming back into room(still just wearing bikini) and stops struggling,Sophie laughs and says the beach was great and was glad daphne waited around for her,sophie explains she is going to rinse the sand off in the shower then come back and torture daphne for a while for information about how she knew about her money stash and then leaves the room,sophie gets into shower(still in bikini top and bottom)Daphne quickly finishes loosening wrist bonds enough and starts to untie herself,scene cuts back to oblivious sophie who is still in shower and rinsing her hair when all of a sudden daphne appears with the …n and points it at sophie and tells her to turn shower off and put her hands in the air,she forces sophie to sit down on a chair(still in bikini top and bottom)and ties her up with rope,hands behind,ankles to chair legs,rope above and below breasts and and while sophie is offering her 50/50 split of all her money she cleave gags her with a black cloth,daphne taunts sophie saying she is going to take all her money and have a little fun with her,giving her a taste of her own medicine,sophie struggles for about a minute while daphne leaves room and returns with the chloroform and knocks sophie out with it,after she passes out scene fades away… Part 4:Sophie is now tied to the pole,now dressed in a pink or white bikini and gstring,hands behind back,ankles,thighs tied,rope looped around stomach and above breasts,daphne ties a couple of loops around sophies neck around the pole and then cleave gags her with a cloth,then grabs the black duct tape and and loops the tape around the post twice wrapping her mouth twice in one motion securing sophies head to the post,daphne tells sophie she hopes she is comftable and explains she took her black bikini as a souvenir to remember her by as well as the money(she pats the briefcase),and also she has given her a sporting chance by giving her one hour to escape before the bomb she left in the other room explodes,then laughs and says she is joking and turns to leave and turns around and says”or am i”and laughs again and leaves the room,Sophie stuggles for about a minute before scene fades out…



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