Seductive Studio – Fighting – ARMHOLD REVENGE

Seductive Studio – Fighting – ARMHOLD REVENGE

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Daphne and Boe vs Natalie.. Boe hears that the Natalie has been spreading lies about her thrrough texts to all of their friends and thinks it is so funny. Well Boe is pissed so so goes over to Natalie’s place along with the help of Daphne to get some payback. First she holds Natalie while Daphne bullies her. Now Boe wants a turn to mess with Natalie so she has Daphne hold her while she has her turn. and one final thing she wants to do to humiliate Natalie, is takes Natalie’s phone and text all kinds of embarriing thingto all of her friends while Natalie is held back by Daphne, she struggles to try and get loose to stop her, but she just cant get away. of script # 2 Natalie & Daphne vs Boe. Natalie heard that Boe slept with her man and now she is pissed and wantes payback! she goes over to her place with Daphne and they both take turns holding and bullying her



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