Seductive Studio – Fighting – CHLOE CLONES

Seductive Studio – Fighting – CHLOE CLONES

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Chloe-Clones are copies of the evil original & are unleashed on missions to commit murder & mayhem on Chloe’s enemies. Jenny is an agent whose job is to track down & eliminate Chloe & all her Chloe-Clones, wherever they may be. Jenny gets a call that there are two Chloe-Clones & Chloe herself, holed up in a house that they are using as a headquarters. Jenny responds that she’s on it and knows what to do. Jenny enters the house & slowly sneaks up on a Chloe-Clone sitting at a computer. Jenny strips off her top and uses it to … the clone to d…. The clone struggles & pulls at the garrote for several minutes but then starts to weaken & goes down to her knees. Jenny remains standing & uses the standing position as leverage. Jenny pulls the garrote tighter & tighter, shaking it at times until the lifeless clone goes limp to the floor. Jenny …. her for another 30 seconds, checks for a pulse, smiles & says “One down”. The second Chloe-Clone is standing guard duty & the still topless Jenny sneaks up behind her and gets her in a tight chokehold. The struggling Chloe-clone is no match for Jenny who takes her down. The clone is thrashing about so Jenny adds a body scissors to immobilize her while continuing the chokehold. After 4-5 minutes, it’s all over as the clone slowly stops struggling then…a slow … Jenny waits a bit, squeezes her neck some more then releases her & rolls her off of her. Jenny checks her pulse and says, “Two down, now it’s time to take care of the original”. Jenny does not get the drop on the original Chloe, as both walk into the room at the same time. Chloe asks who she is & what she is doing there. Jenny responds: “You’re the original I presume?” Chloe says what about it, Jenny responds: I strangled two of your clones and now I’m going to …the .. out of you to end your evil once & for all. Chloe says: the next one getting … is going to be you! They circle each other with some more trash talk & the fight is on. It goes back & forth with each using chokeholds until Chloe gets on top of Jenny and gets both hands around Jenny’s neck in a manual ..hold. Jenny appears to be in trouble but after a few minutes, somehow recovers & gets her hands also around Chloe’s neck. Each is choking the other until Chloe can’t take it, lets go & tries to pull Jenny’s hands off her neck. She cannot & Jenny keeps up the s…, then as Chloe weakens further, Jenny, without releasing the hold, turns her over and is now on top of Chloe, continuing to …her. Chloe cannot break the chokehold and fades away, her movements slow to only heavy breathing as the relentless strangling continues. Chloe … slowly and when she gasps her last, Jenny squeezes & shakes her neck a little and asks: who was going to s.. who bitch? After choking the l.. Chloe some more, she release her, checks her pulse, smiles. Jenny calls in to her HQ. She is heard saying it’s done. I got them all. How? I strangled one clone with my top. I strangled another clone with a chokehold. I saved the best for last as I strangled Chloe herself with my bare hands. I do love my job. What’s the next mission?



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