Seductive Studio – Fighting – HAZING

Seductive Studio – Fighting – HAZING

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Jenny wants to join Daphne’s gang. She think’s she’s tough enough, but Daphne says she’s got to pass the test, just like the rest of the crew. Jenny has to take a beating in order to prove her worth , so Daphne ties her up and starts to deliver some punishment to her belly. But Daphne isn’t all bad… she massages and kisses Jenny’s red belly when she deems she’s had enough… Jenny’s hazing continues and the girls head inside where she is punished and pleasured some more on her tender tummy. Then when she thinks it must surely be over, Daphne instructs Jenny to punch herself over and over in her already tender and swollen belly..


HAZING 1.wmv

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