Seductive Studio – Fighting – HOUSEWIFE DEATHMATCH V2

Seductive Studio – Fighting – HOUSEWIFE DEATHMATCH V2

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: *A remake of Housewife Deathmatch with Daphne & Jae since there was a wardrobe problem with the original – boots* Jae’s husband has been keeping a mistress on the side. Daphne. Daphne is everything that his wife isn’t. She isn’t afraid to embrace her sensual side and she is tired of being kept on the side. She calls Jae on the phone and confronts her about her relationship and tells Jae that they are going to fight over him, may the best woman win. Daphne arrives to the house as Jae is just exiting the shower. Daphne is clad in a sexy black outfit with thigh high leather boots. Jae is still nude from the shower. The girls start to trash talk, and then the fight is on, no holds barred, brutal catfight to the .. May the best girl win!



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