Seductive Studio – Fighting – JENNY’S BELLY TORTURE

Seductive Studio – Fighting – JENNY’S BELLY TORTURE

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Jenny was at home working out, when she was snuck up on from behind. Daphne shoves a rag filled of ….. in Jenny’s face, she coughs and goes down in a limp heap. Jenny awakens in just her workout tights, hands tied above her head, toes barely touching the ground. Daphne starts to work… you see, she is very envious of Jenny’s tight belly and is determined to pound her into submission. She unloads a right hook, then a left into Jenny’s stomach, and she cries out in pain. Eventually she falls unconcious, and Daphne unties her, and carries her to the bedroom where she handcuffs her hands over her head and starts in again on her stomach. Daphne then stomps hard on her belly before the punishment starts again…. Daphne continues on with Jenny’s torture. She ties her naked in a chair, and wails on her tender belly. Eventually Jenny passes out, and Daphne grabs her by the hair, holds her head up and unloads on her already swollen stomach. After several minutes of this, Daphne carries Jenny to the bed and mounts her with her knee covering Jenny’s crotch and pushing hard into her abdomen. Jenny cries out and is punsihed again with more fast blows to the stomach. After some time she is laid out sideways on the bed with her head and arms hanging over the side. Daphne takes her balled fists and slowly pushes them as far as they will go into Jenny’s stomach. She then stops the torture and finishes the session with some sexy licking and kissing of Jenny’s sore belly.



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