Seductive Studio – Fighting – KAYLEE BELLY TORTURE

Seductive Studio – Fighting – KAYLEE BELLY TORTURE

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Daphne has found out that Lily was the rat that put her man behind bars. She waits outside of her house for her and after she confronts the rat bitch she … and Lily falls limp in Daphne’s arms. Daphne drags her inside and drapes her over a piece of furniture and strips her of her clothing, taking some time to kiss and lick her tight belly. She ties Lily’s hands and feet with white rope to ensure that she’ll not be able to escape before she’s had her revenge, and to keep her belly nice and taut, she’s got some plans.. Daphne wakes Lily up with a few swift punches to her belly. Lily grunts in pain, not knowing that the party has just started. The punching continues and Lily continues to cry out in pain. Daphne gives her a powerful blow that knocks Lily out cold. As she’s lying stretched out, Daphne runs her fingers up and down her tight belly, then presses her fist in deep, watching as it sinks in, feeling the hard muscle underneath. She waits till Lily awakens again and watches her writhe and squirm against the ropes. Boring of this game, Daphne takes the….out again and runs it up and down Lily’s belly finally plunging it deep into her belly button and returning her to her slumber so she can be moved to a different location. Lily wakes up hands tied above her head, hanging from a staircase. Daphne is there to make sure she doesn’t get too comfortable and resumes the relentless torture of her belly, landing blow after blow. After she’s satisfied that Lily’s had enough she moves into position behind her and squeezes her belly with all her might, ..



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