Seductive Studio – HOT WATER

Seductive Studio – HOT WATER

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Johannie is home doing the dishes when her hot water goes out. She calls the super and finds out who is in charge of the maintenance. Shortly after, the repair guy shows up and she shows him the problem. He is left alone in the kitchen where he reveals that he has turned off the hot water in order to get into the house. Not wasting any more time, he calls her back into the kitchen to explain the problem. She is met with a …., and struggles in his strong arms, but soon is out for the count. He carries her into the living room and places her on a chaise lounge and removes her shoes and examines her feet and legs, moving them this way and that as her head hangs from the chair. He spends several minutes admiring her limpness and checks her eyes and mouth before covering her face once again with the …to ensure that she’s sleeping as he pins her arm to the couch. He leaves the room briefly, then returns with a pile of rope and begins to tie her to the chair. She is topped off with several pieces of duct tape criss crossing her mouth, and finally awakens to her plight. She panics and struggles fiercely in the chair, but she can’t move, her arms tied behind her and legs spread to either side of the chair. He watches her struggles for a time, enjoying her whimpers and cries, and finally … her again. He checks her eyes and lets her head droop down before removing the duct tape and examining her lips. He removes most of her ropes, places her on the hardwood floor, and drags her from the room by the ropes on her feet. Johanna is placed face down on the desk and is tied up tight in a frog tie… Duct tape is reapplied to her mouth, three strips to be exact, and he checks her eyes to make sure that she is still truly asleep and not faking it before sitting back in a chair and waiting for her to wake up. She begins to stir and when her eyes focus, she sees him staring back at her and gives out a small whimper. She then struggles against the ropes, writhing around on the desk, giving him quite the show. After several minutes, he taunts her briefly, removes the duct tape and reapplies the … to her face and she struggles bravely, but ultimately cannot fight him, and passes out once again. He peels back her eyelids, and notices the vacant look in her eyes as her mouth hangs open. She is truly asleep. He carries her to the bed and strips off her pants, top and bra and takes her hands and makes her rub up and down her own breasts… He spends several minutes with her limp body, positioning her arms this way and that and then slowly peels back her black panties revealing a small patch of pubic hair. He plays with her bare feet for a time, really enjoying her smooth soles. She is then tied up spread eagled on the bed with a ball gag shoved in her mouth. When she awakens, she struggles violently against her ties and tries to call out for help but can’t get the words out past the gag. No one is coming to save her tonight and she finally realizes this as he approaches her and mounts her squirming naked body on the bed. Her eyes go wide as his hands close around her throat and he applies gradual, increasing pressure. He can feel her naked body buck underneath him as she fights for her life but his grip is too strong….



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