Seductive Studio – JENNY DOLL

Seductive Studio – JENNY DOLL

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Nuna arrives home from a run, and the girls start to talk about working out and going to dinner. Jenny decides she’d rather skip working out and just go to dinner but Nuna won’t skip a workout. The girls start talking about how strong Nuna is, and Jenny wants to make a bet. If Nuna can carry her all the way to the diner, then she’ll pay for dinner. Jenny is sure Nuna can’t carry her, but she has no idea how strong Nuna really is. Nuna carries her around the house for a bit and Jenny starts to get really snotty as she realizes she may be paying for dinner. She thinks she can carry Nuna since it seems so easy. Nuna gets behind Jenny and instead of hopping on her back as Jenny did, she wraps Jenny up in a tight bear hug and squeezes her until she passes out. She’s had enough of her snotty attitude for one day. Nuna heads upstairs and reappears with a to make sure Jenny stays asleep. Looks like she’ll get that workout after all. Nuna carries Jenny into the office in her fireman’s carry and sets her down on the futon. She plays with Jenny’s limp arms and legs, and sets her upside down on the futon. She checks Jenny’s eyes to make sure she’s still out, and opens her mouth to get a better look inside at her teeth. Jenny starts to awaken, and is given … Nuna picks Jenny up in her arms again and walks her around the room. This is way better than the gym. Jenny is then ragdolled a bit on the couch, and once again picked up in Nuna’s strong arms. This time her legs are wrapped around Nuna’s waist, and Jenny’s head hangs back limp as she is paraded around the room and taken into the bedroom.. Jenny is placed on the bed. Nuna has worked up an appetite so she thinks its now time for dinner. Nuna dresses Jenny up in her dress, and calls the diner. It looks like Jenny is paying for dinner afterall.



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