Seductive Studio – JENNY’S FOOT WORSHIP

Seductive Studio – JENNY’S FOOT WORSHIP

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Jenny and a friend arrive home after a run. They sit down on the couch and he notices a toy under her table. He asks about it, and she explains that it’s for playing, and for him to ..her and find out. He pulls the ..and she pretends to be … He removes her sneakers and starts to worship her feet. After a minute she wakes up and runs for the door, he shoots her in the back and she falls on the floor. He sits down next to her and places her feet in his lap and rubs them on himself. He pulls her socks halfway off, and Jenny keeps massaging his crotch with her feet. He pulls both socks off and she contiunes the rubbing untill he.. another shot into her back and her feet kick straight out and come to rest on his crotch once more. They take the game into the bedroom where she is .. again, then … all focusing on her pretty feet.. The game ends in the living room when after she changes, she sits on his lap and starts to give him a lap dance, and he shoves a…in her face. After a quick nap, she awakes and runs for the door, when three more…to the back have her slump to the floor. He picks her up in his arms and starts to carry her off to the bedroom as her feet kick playfully. He grabs his gun and accidently … her for the last time as she stares off blankly… the game is done.



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