Seductive Studio – KELLY FOOT WORSHIP

Seductive Studio – KELLY FOOT WORSHIP

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Kelly is looking for a way to make some more money since work has been really slow at the club. She asks her roommate if he knows any ways to make some cash and he tells her that he knows a guy that has a real weird foot fetish and that he pays girls alot of money to act out his fantasies. She agrees to try it out and Frank goes and retrieves some of the props that are used in the films. He returns with a .. and tells her how to play the game. He pulls the ..and she jerks once and falls back on the couch. He pulls her fully on the couch and removes her rubber boots leaving her stockinged feet exposed. He examines her feet, admiring their slender shape and brings them closer to see how they smell. He sets her feet down on his lap and she slowly kicks and rubs them on his crotch. Frank then ties her ankles together and she continues to rub her feet on him. Her foot rubbing eventually stops and he removes the wire from her ankles and leaves. After a moment Kelly awakens from the couch and looks out the door, only to be grabbed quickly from behind and dosed with a … She falls limply into his arms and he picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Frank lies down on the bed and waits for her to awaken. When Kelly finally wakes up, she removes her skirt and crawls on top of him seductivly. He starts to get excited then realizes that she’s only fucking with him as she calls him a loser. Humiliated, he pulls the wire that he had used to tie her feet out of his pocket …. He rubs her back and she awakens once again, claiming to have to use the bathroom. When she returns, her stockings have been removed and she sits down onto Frank’s lap and he rubs her bare feet with his hands. She stands up and lies back down on the bed on her tummy, kicking her naked feet up playfully. Frank grabs her feet and places them on his lap again… then jabs her in the butt with a … Kelly kicks briefly, then falls fast asleep. Frank places a thin pair of socks onto her feet and when Kelly awakens, she starts to rub them on his crotch once again. She toys with him briefly, then says it’s enough and it’s time to leave. As Kelly is walking to retrieve her clothing downstairs, she is s…, and falls to the ground. Frank continues the game for a while longer. He loves the way Kelly looks in her sexy panties and cute white socks. After several minutes he lets Kelly in on the game. There was no guy with a strange foot fetish, it was him the whole time. She looks confused but by then the …



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