Seductive Studio – LIMP CHLOE

Seductive Studio – LIMP CHLOE

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Chloe has decided to try out a new hairdresser. She has found this guy online, and his salon looks a little odd… but whatever. She gets a great cut, and he sets her in the chair for her deep conditioning treatment. She relaxes in the chair and closes her eyes. That’s when the gas pumps through the lines of the chair and she is knocked out cold. Now it’s really time to get the full service she paid for. The man gathers up Chloe in his strong arms and carries her over to his couch where he plays with her limp body. Her heels are removed and he examines her limp feet and legs,positioning her on the couch as he sees fit. Her shirt is removed and she is thrown over his shoulder and carried around the room for a few moments before being repositioned on the couch again, where he places her legs in his lap. He eventually removes her skirt and sits her up in the crook of his arm, playing with her limp arms. She is once again gathered up in his arms and he admires her light body before moving her to another room of the salon… Chloe’s bra is removed and we see her natural, perky tits for the first time. Her nipples are rock hard from the air conditioning in the salon. Her arms are raised and dropped, and her hands hang limply. He plays with the tendons on her neck, feeling the special place between the tendons, the “V”. He sits her up and lays her back down in his lap and continues with the limp play. Eventually she is repositioned and he lays her upside down on the couch with her arms sprawled on the floor, and her neck and back arched so that her neck is displayed properly. She is once again gathered up in his arms and he holds her there for some time before bringing her back to the main salon and placing her back in the chair. She is then dressed slowly. Eventually she awakens and wonders about her loose shoes, and he explains that she fell asleep and must have kicked them off in her sleep. She says she feels greatly relaxed and will leave his tip at the front counter. He doesn’t require a tip. It was a pleasure to service her…



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