Seductive Studio – LOVE HURTS

Seductive Studio – LOVE HURTS

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Kayla arrives home to greet her boyfriend. She climbs up on his lap and straddles him as he lovingly strokes her face. He tells her that he has something that he needs to tell her, and as she asks what, his loving embrace turns vicious. She falls limp into his arms… He spends his time, admiring her limp body the way he wasn’t able to while she was still with him… propping her in various positions, letting her slump to the floor, letting her limp arms fall to the ground, and much more… Kayla is picked up from the ground and carried upstairs to the bedroom. From there, she is undressed and played with along the way. He enjoys her fully nude body and spends a great deal of time with her limp form…



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