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Description: Melissa has found a math tutor on Craigslist to help her with her homework. She arrives at his house after class, and they sit down at the table to go over her notes. He asks her if anyone knows that she’s here, and she tells him that she didn’t want her parents to know that she was failing math, so she kept it a secret. He asks her if she would like anything to drink, and she says a glass of water would be nice. The tutor goes to the kitchen and pours her a glass of water,. Within minutes she is light headed and feeling sick, and tries to get up from the table. He advises her to sit down, and she does, and soon falls fast asleep. He checks her eyes to make sure she is out, and tests the limpness of her body. Perfect. He picks her up in his arms, and carries her upstairs where he has his way with her limp form… The limb play contiunes on upstairs… he positions her in several different ways, and spends some loving time with her prone form. He removes her shoes and admires her panty hose clad feet. She is so small, so young, so precious, he wants to savor every moment that he has with her. He then again checks her eyes, and her mouth, admiring the shape of her teeth, and the softness of her pouty lips. After some time, he knows that the drink won’t last forever, so he picks her up once again, and carries her downstairs and places her upon the table. He lifts and drops her arms again and again, before finally placing her back in the chair… Some time later Melissa wakes up confused and groggy. He tells her that she must have gotten heat stroke from the walk over, and asks her if she would like to reschedule the tutor session since they didn’t get to go over her homework..



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