Seductive Studio – SLEEPY INTERN

Seductive Studio – SLEEPY INTERN

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Dana arrives at her Professor’s home. She was glad he offered her the intern position for this semester even though she has heard strange stories about him from her friends. Things about other interns waking up without their clothes and telling stories about being knocked out. Though none of this had been proven. She wrote it off as just hearsay and he seemed rather nice. She hopes she hasn’t overdressed, the skirt, blouse, heels and pantyhose seemed a bit much but she wanted to make a good impression on her first day. He asks her in, they sit on the sofa and he starts to go over this months curriculum. After a few minutes he asks if she would like something to drink. He goes off and gets them both water, … They continue to talk and as she drinks her water she starts to feel funny. She tries to stand and the room spins, could all those other girls have been right. He asks if she is all right. She replies that she is a little light headed maybe because she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. She sits back down and says she’ll be fine but her attention span begins to wane. He asks her maybe she should sit back and they’ll take a break. She sits back and quickly passes out. The drugs that the professor has gotten from his friend work quickly. He sits next to Dana and admires his latest catch. He plays with her limbs and sees how limp she is. He picks her limp form up in his arms and carries her around. She is so light. This is the part he enjoys the most. He then tosses her over his shoulder and runs his hands over her smooth nylon clad legs. He carries her back over to the sofa and sits down with Dana in his lap. He plays with her a little more. He picks her up in his arms and carries her off to the kitchen. He sets her on the table. He then brings out some zip ties and ties her to the table. He then removes her shoes and plays with her feet. He gags her as she slowly comes around. Realizing where she is she struggles mightily. He tells her about his sleepy fetish and how he has gotten away with it for years because of his squeaky clean tenure at the university, and he always picked questionable candidates for his interns. He tells her that if she behaves and plays nice she will get a free run through his class but if resists he has the clout to have her expelled. He removes the gag and she tells him that he’s a creep and that he better let her go. He gets on top of her and straddles her. He shoves the. in her face and Dana struggles but soon goes out. He unties her and leaves. He likes the chase and catch of the little games. Dana wakes and finds herself alone. She staggers off the table and returns to the living room. She knows she has to get out of here. She makes it to the front door, but he’s on her quickly. He spins her around and puts her in a sleeper hold. He lifts her up off the floor and her legs flail. She soon goes out and he scoops her up in his arms. He carries her around a while… He then carries her back to the sofa and removes her skirt. He then sits beside her and plays with her. She comes to and struggles to get away. He tells her it will be much easier if she just gives in. Dana breaks free and tries to get away. He catches her again and .. This time he just gives her enough to make her groggy. He does this a few times and then finally puts her out. He picks her up in a fireman’s carry and carries her around. He brings her back to the kitchen and puts her on the table. He hog ties her with zip ties. He wakes her up and asks if she has had a change of heart. Her response is screw you. So he bangs her head on the table sending her back to dreamland. He unties her and leaves again. Dana wakes up in a complete fog., wondering if giving in might not be a bad idea. She could use the easy credit. But no, she will fight on. So she tries another attempt at her away, knowing that she is getting to weak to fight much longer. She goes back out into the living room. She finds her bag and looks for her cell phone, but it’s gone. The professor comes up behind her and says, looking for this my dear. He tosses her the phone. Go ahead try to call someone. Dana tries to call and finds she doesn’t have a signal. The professor says, ohm, no signal, another little gift fro one of my colleagues. Dana tries to run but he catches her and .. her again. She still has a little game left and struggles but soon is overcome. He removes her skirt and picks her up in his arms. He carries her around and then tosses her over his shoulder. He then takes up to his bedroom. He tosses her on the bed. He moves her around on the bed. Dana comes to and is punched out. He zip ties her on the bed. He plays with her limp form a little more. He picks her up in his arms and carries her around, then he tosses her on the bed. He then tosses her over his shoulder and carries her around and tosses her on the bed. Dana comes to and finally agrees to be his intern and the little games that come with it. …. He tells her just a little something to confirm our agreement as he i… Dana’s eyes flutter and she soon goes out with her head against the professor’s shoulder. Scene shifts to a week later. The Professor arrives home and Dana is waiting for him. He says oh. Great your already hear. She asks how his day went and he tells her very stressful but I have a way to relieve the stress. As part of the game Dana is suppose to resist so she tries to run. He catches her and spins her around in his arms. He puts the..and Dana struggles but soon goes out. He rag dolls her a bit before throwing her over his shoulder. He rubs her legs a bit before carrying her up to the bedroom for more sleepy fun.



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