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Description: she comes in > jeans, heels, black nylon socks, coat and bag, she wears glasse > she has red toenails > > he: hi school out earlier?, i wanna be teacher too > she: stop talking im angry. these teens are crazy, > 2 girls lay in hospital the made the choke game > the love the kick when they get uncousiious. > > she put bag away and take of coat > > she: i have to check it if its real not dangerous pls choke my neck > > she sit on bed he go behind her and lay both hands around her neck. > she say dont hasitate what kids can do we can make too > > he start force his fingers, her hands rub on her legs > her heels slow rub and kick on floor, she moans, eyes wide open. > with loud moaning AAHHRG she get out. > her hands fall on bed, head fall back against him. > her feet fall lifeless on side. > > he touch her face and say Hello! wake up > he get away lay her carefurl on bed. > he go on knees infront her feet and take one. > he slow take of one shoe and smell nylon feet. > > she start move and he get back to bed > she say “WOW” how long did i get out? > he say just few sec. > > s: was cool feeling we do again! oh i lost my shoe > > she get up sit on bed and take of 2nd heel > she stand on floor and say he should do it again. > he get behind her and start choke > her arms move up and down, eyes roll, toungue get off mouth > she get lifless and slow move down. > he hold her that legs lay next to each on floor, then he slow lay > her back on floor. > > he go to her feet on knees and take one foot and worship it. > he move sock half down on feet and smell and worship bare heel of > feet. > she open one eyes careful and look what hes doing, she smile then > act out again. he force both feet against his lap then she start move her > body. he is shoked, move sock up agin and go to her. > he say how it was this time she was out max. 2 sec again. > > she say cool. move up and wonder her sock look different like before. > she say i dreamt i was kidnaped by a foot fetish guy and i like it. > > he say he can play with her feet when shes out. > she say cool and she only play get out. she turn on belly legs straight > feet next to each. she put toungue off mouth little shake she say AHH and > play uncousious. > > he sit on floor with his lap under her feet and worship her feet. > he move jeans up little and slow take off socks. he smell and worship bare feet. > > she start move feet on his lap. she stand up and take off shirt and jeans now > she only wear underwear. she say pls lay on bed, he take of his jeans and do so. > > she lay on belly next to him her feet near his face her face next to his feet. > she rub her pants on bed then slow move one feet on his body to his face > he worship feet. she turn on her back lay both feet on him. she rub feet on his pants. > he take both feet and smell them. at this point she play fain again. > he worship feet and rub feet on his pants. > > he say yr soooo sexy. she laugh and lay on him her legs straight between his legs. > she say i saw yr feet perp and i try if y say the truth. > he is shoked and start choke her again. her feet kick she low get out on him. > he body shake soft feet wrinkle and stretch soles next to each. she whisper not to strong > he enjoy her and dont stop. then shes final out. > > he let her lay on belly and sit next to her feet and worship her soles up feet > until he



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