Seductive Studio – THERAPY

Seductive Studio – THERAPY

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Daphne and Jenny have been having some problems in their lives, a girl at work has suggested they visit a …therapist to try and get some positive results. They check Craigslist, and after a few emails, end up at someone’s house. The girls state their problems and what they would like to achieve. The therapist lowers the lights and starts his session… The girls go under, and the doctor checks to see that they are truly out. Satisfied that they are now under his control, he suggests that when they awaken they will find that they are extremely hot and uncomfortable. The doctor then awakens the girls, and sure enough it is sweltering hot… Daphne unbuttons her shirt, and Jenny tries to fan herself off. The doctor then grabs Daphne by her hand and swiftly yanks her, with the command word, Sleep, and she is out cold, the then repeats with Jenny. He then suggests that when the girls awaken this time that they are going to see each other for the first time, and notice how attractive the other is… He once again awakens and the girls comply…. Back to sleep again…. This time, the therapist suggests that Daphne’s feet are killing her, she is so tired from shopping all day. She will ask Jenny for a foot rub, and Jenny will comply. But instead of rubbing Daphne’s feet, she will tickle her! They awaken once again, and once again are powerless to do anything but follow orders. Nap time again…. The doctor suggests that the girls are very intoxicated after a night at the club. Sometimes, when they get drunk, they like to fool around with each other. In fact, this is no longer his office, but their condo, and they probably should head up to the bedroom where they can get a bit more comfortable…. Daphne and Jenny head up to the bedroom. They are acting quite drunk, and Daphne flops down on the bed. Jenny quickly stradles her and unbuttons Daphne’s shirt. She then starts to rub her hand up and down Daphne’s semi nude body. Daphne gets very turned on and starts writhing under Jenny, she reaches up and pulls Jenny’s dress over her head, leaving her in her leopard print bra and panties. Jenny then removes her bra and Daphne grabs a handful of her small perky tits.. they start to make out and after a few moments, Jenny starts to kiss Daphne’s breasts and rub her crotch hard. Daphne moans with pleasure and before things go any further, the Doctor who has been watching all along, calls out 3,2,1,… Jenny falls limp atop Daphne’s body. The doctor checks to see if the girls are still out, lifting their arms and letting them fall to the bed. He then suggests that they are no longer friends, but in fact complete strangers, and when they awaken, they will have no idea why they are naked, and in bed with each other. The girls awaken and are very confused, they quickly pull away from each other, but before they can leave the bed, they are put to sleep again. Daphne is told to call her father and tell him that she will be staying the night at a friends house, and not to wait up. The therapist then grabs her forehead and slightly pushes with command word “Sleep” and down Daphne goes. He then repeats this with Jenny making sure that both girls parents now think that they are sleeping safely at a friends house. He plants his final suggestion… This time, when the girls awaken, they will remember everything that he has made them do, and they will be horrified by their lack of control. They will want to fight and run, but unfortunatly, their arms and legs have the strength of babies, and they can barely lift them in their defense. The doctor kneels between the girls and places one hand on each girls throats.. he then commands them to awake, and their eyes spring open, terrified, and unable to fight back as his hands close on their wind pipes…..



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