Seductive Studio – WONDER WOMAN – SOUL TAKER

Seductive Studio – WONDER WOMAN – SOUL TAKER

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Daphne is at home just getting ready for bed in her lingerie sleeping wear. She decides to check her e-mail before hitting turning in. She has a new message from her boss. It says that the committee has confirmed the Society is sending Cheetah after her so she better watch her back. As Cheetah has a new weapon called a Sole Taker. Daphne then put what she knows about Cheetah into her computer. She travels with a creature she calls her pet and is one of the best in the business. She then presses enter and the computer put out a projected scenario. Scenario 1: Wonder Women confronts Cheetah and the Creature. They start to fight. Cheetah steps back and the creature confronts Wonder Woman. After exchanging a few punches she knees the creature in the junk and it collapses to the floor. Thinking she has incapacitated the creature Wonder Woman starts to go after Cheetah. The creature gets up and grabs Wonder Woman in a triangle choke hold from behind. Cheetah smack talks to Wonder Woman how she is not so tough now. The creature lets out a wail. Cheetah says .alright you can go ahead. Wonder Woman questions with what? The creature then pushes its back arm forward Wonder Woman suddenly goes into a death stare and goes limp in the creatures grasp. Cheetah examines Wonder Woman for any signs of life letting her arms drop a few times even moving her head around a bit. The monster lets out another wail. Cheetah tells him yes you can keep her for a toy. He turns her around lifts her over his shoulder and they walk off with their prize. In Reality: Back at her computer in her sleep wear Daphne decides she doesn’t like that scenario and is disappointed that the computer thought she could be defeated so easily. Plus it did not include a projection as to what a sole taker is. She put some new variables into the computer and let’s it speculate what the sole taker might be. When it is done compiling it shows the scenario it has come up with. Scenario 2: Wonder Woman has tracked Cheetah down in her hideout. As Cheetah plans her next move Wonder Woman confronts her. They trade insults and Wonder Woman tries to bring her in for questioning they start to fight. The fight comes to an abrupt end when Wonder Woman catches Cheetah with an uppercut straight on the chin knocking Cheetah’s head back and she falls forward into Wonder Woman out cold. Wonder Woman checks Cheetah to make sure she is alive relieved that she is she then tries to wake her up so she can find out what the sole taker is. While she is trying to wake her up Cheetah’s Pet sneaks up behind Wonder Woman and smashes her on the back of the head knocking Wonder Woman out.. Cheetah falls to the floor still unconscious. The creature still holding Wonder Woman up see her fall and throws Wonder Woman to the side and rushes to his mistresses aid. Not being able to wake her he gives her CPR. She wakes up and yells at him to get off of her. Sitting up she wants to know what happen to Wonder Woman. The creature points to her on the floor. Cheetah gets up and tells him to pick her up. The creature stands Wonder Woman up and Cheetah lifts her head and lets it drop a couple of times. She slaps Wonder Woman on the side of the face to wake her up. Wonder Woman wakes and Cheetah asks her if she really wants to know what the Sole Taker is. She tells her its not a weapon, its her pet. The creature releases Wonder Woman and turns her around to look at him. Cheetah tells him to show there volunteer why they call him the Sole Taker. The creature puts his fingers along side Wonder Woman’s head. Wonder Woman asks what is he doing? Just taking your Sole dear. Is Cheetah’s response. Wonder Woman starts to react like she is being electrocuted. After a few moments the creature pulls his fingers away from her head and she stands there blankly staring forward her mouth slightly open. The creature then pushes Wonder Woman by one finger to the forehead and she falls back into the waiting arms of Cheetah. Cheetah plays with Wonder Woman for a moment to verify she is just shell. Then the creature grabs Wonder Woman’s legs and they place her on the bed. The creature gives out a wail and Cheetah tells him fine you can play with her until I finish with her computer. Cheetah goes to the computer and starts to down load files. The creature plays with Wonder Woman letting her arms drop to the bed watching her hands dangle. Even sits her up and sits behind her and rag dolls her some more. Cheetah finely done tells him its time to go. The creature doesn’t want to leave. Cheetah gets mad at the creature and tells him we are leaving. The creature subserviently gets behind Cheetah to leave but changes his mind. He places his fingers on the side of Cheetah’s head. Cheetah scared now asks him what are you doing? The creature just gives out a wail and she starts to act as if she is being electrocuted. After a few moments the creature pulls his fingers away and Cheetah stands there blankly staring forward. He plays with her for a moment then bring her over to the bed. Throws her on the bed and strips her down to her bra and panties. Then he plays with both girls some more. After a little time he lays them both out. He then makes sure neither girl will be a problem anymore. First he sits Cheetah up and snaps her neck then lays her back down on the bed and crosses her arms on her chest and closes her eyes grabs the flash drive from Cheetah’s pocket then does the same to Wonder Woman. Back in reality: Daphne very disappointed with the computer showing another scenario where she went down to defeat. But somewhat satisfied that Cheetah didn’t get away. But she says no she can’t see Cheetah being so careless and leaving such things to chance. She types in a few changes and the computer puts out another scenario. Scenario 3: Wonder Woman is squaring off with Cheetah and the creature once again. They circle Wonder Woman. The creature working his way behind her. Wonder Woman makes a move on Cheetah before she can make it to her the creature grabs her in a reverse bear hug. And starts to squeeze. Wonder Woman tries to break free. Cheetah pulls out a pill and starts to taunt Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman tries to knock the pill out of Cheetah’s hands. Cheetah stands just out of her reach telling her to get ready for her medicine. The creature continues to squeeze the air out of Wonder Woman. Cheetah tries a few times to put the pill in Wonder Woman’s mouth. Wonder Woman’s only defence is to put her hands over her mouth. Cheetah tells her this doesn’t have to be so hard and she will be taking her medicine sooner or later. The creature makes one more huge squeeze around Wonder Woman’s midsection. Wonder Woman’s eyes start to roll. Cheetah watches with anticipation and orders the creature to squeeze once again. The creature does. Wonder Woman’s eyes blankly look forward for a moment then roll back and close as she goes limp in the creatures grasp. Cheetah says that’s so cute then lifts up Wonder Woman’s head checks her eyes for signs of consciousness. Then places the pill in Wonder Woman’s mouth. She tells her this will dissolve in a moment and you will feel much better. After a moment Wonder Woman’s body gives a quick quiver and then slumps further in the creatures grip. Cheetah once again lifts Wonder Woman’s head up and checks her eyes. Tells Wonder Woman that she told her she would feel much better now. They lay Wonder Woman on the bed and cross her arms on her chest. And leave her to rest in peace. In Reality: Daphne looks at her computer and just says really. I am not that easy to defeat. Then she decides that would not be Cheetah’s style and believes that the Sole Taker would more than likely be a device of some kind. She puts that information into the computer and it puts out one more scenario. Scenario 4: The creature is standing guard when Wonder Woman sneaks up behind him and turns him around and they start to fight. After a few moments Wonder Woman starts to gain the upper hand. The monster falls down and Wonder Woman continues punching him and asks him where his master is. When he doesn’t answer she then demands to know what the Sole Taker is. She goes to punch him one more time when Cheetah who has snuck up behind her puts a collar around Wonder Woman’s neck and tells her I’m right her and that is the sole taker. Wonder Woman grabs at the collar and turns around to look at Cheetah who is holding a remote. Cheetah tells her it does a lot more than just take soles allow me to demonstrate. A) it can hypnotise the wearer. She pushes a button and Wonder Woman goes into a trance. She pushes another button and Wonder Woman comes out of the trance. It can even control limbs. She pushes another button and Wonder Woman’s hand raise up. What are you doing Wonder Woman demands to know. Oh just this demonstration. The creature puts a cloth in Wonder Woman’s hand. Cheetah pushes another button and Wonder Woman puts the cloth to her mouth. In a few moments Wonder Woman’s eyes rollback and her hand limply falls to her side the monster holds her up. Cheetah says it can also work as an alarm clock. Pushes another button and Wonder Woman wakes up like nothing happened. Wonder Woman defiantly tells Cheetah she will be stopped. Cheetah replies maybe but not by you because if I push this button you will be nothing but a play toy for my pet able to blow him till his brains pop out and not even realise it. Wonder Woman puts her hand to her mouth in disbelief. Oh don’t worry Cheetah assures Wonder Woman you won’t even feel a thing. Cheetah pushes the button and Wonder Woman blankly stares forward for a moment then drops to her knees. When she hits her knees her hand falls away from her mouth. The creature gives out a wail. Cheetah answers not yet the society needs to know Wonder Woman is no longer a threat. The Creature wails once again standing behind Wonder Woman. He grabs Wonder Woman’s arms by the wrists. He places both her hands over her mouth and holds them there with one hand and places the other on the back of Wonder Woman’s head and squeezes making Wonder Woman smother herself. After a few moment Wonder Woman’s eyes start to flutter and then slowly close. She finally goes limp only being held up by the creature. The creature wails once more and Cheetah takes a picture for the society then tells him yes you can go and play. The creature lets go of her hands and they fall limply to her side. The creature then stand Wonder Woman up holding her by the back of the neck. Gives a final wail. Cheetah says your welcome. The creature then picks up Wonder Woman and cradle carries her away. In Reality: Daphne back in front of her computer in the bedtime outfit. Frustrated and completely disgusted by the computers latest projection just says “ NO no there is something I have got to be missing.” She gets up paces a bit then stands staring at the computer trying to come up with an idea of how to defeat Cheetah. All of a sudden she is grabbed from behind by the creature arms pinned to her body in his grip. “What your computer is telling you is that even it knows the Society will always triumph over the Committee.” Cheetah brags to Daphne. Daphne tries to break free but is unable to. Cheetah smack talks her some more. Daphne demands to know what the Sole Taker is. Cheetah says alright I will do better than tell you I will show you. Cheetah pulls out a box and opens it showing a number of spiders inside. “What are those?” Daphne asks. “They are Sole Taker spiders from Alkin 9. They were found by an expedition by the Societies Space Researchers.” She pulls a spider out and closes the box and puts it down. She walks over to Daphne. Tells her the reason they are called Sole Takers is they have a highly toxic venom but it does not kill their victim it does take away all free will making the person that was bitten fallow any command they are given. Cheetah puts her hand to Daphne’s neck and puts pressure to the base of her jaw bone forcing Daphne to open her mouth. She puts the spider in Daphne’s mouth then puts her hand (thumb facing down) over Daphne’s mouth so she can not spit the spider out. Daphne tries to be very still as to not agitate the spider. Cheetah nods at her pet and he gives Daphne a shake. Daphne’s eyes grow as big as they possibly can. “Oh no the spider just bite you didn’t it?” Cheetah asks Daphne. Daphne nods her head in agreement. In a panic tone Cheetah tells Daphne the only way to counter the venom is to chop on the spider and swallow him as quickly as possible as the spider is a natural antidote to its self. Daphne chews the spider and swallows him. The creature gives out a wail. Cheetah responds Oh no I got that wrong again didn’t I. The creature wails in agreement. “Oh now I remember if you swallow the spider it reaches the acid in you stomach and dissolves instantly and the venom enters your system faster. I see by the glazing of you eyes that he has reach your stomach and you have about 10 seconds of free will left.” Daphne still with her eyes wide and Cheetah hand over her mouth starts to blankly stare forward. Cheetah tells her lets count it down shall we. 5, 4,3, 2,1 and good bye Amazon Princess. Daphne’s eyes rollback and slowly close. Cheetah pulls her hand away and Daphne’s head falls forward. Cheetah tells Daphne that was cool as she had never seen the venom actually take effect before. But she was briefed by the Society about what to expect. She lifts Daphne’s head and checks her eyes. Just a little longer she says. And lets Daphne’s head drop again. She wait’s a few moment then lifts Daphne’s hand and lets it go. It immediately drops to her side. She does it again and the hand drops slower to her side. She picks up the hand a third time and releases it and it stays in place. She is ready she declares and orders Daphne to awaken. Daphne wakes up and the creature releases her. To test Daphne’s will she orders her to bow to her. Daphne drops to her knees and bows to Cheetah. Very Satisfied Cheetah orders her up and to follow her. And starts to walk away. The creature stops Cheetah and grabs her by the shoulder and turns her to face Daphne. Cheetah questions what is he doing. The creature wails and Daphne responds I will Obey. She takes a spider out of the box and walks toward Cheetah. Cheetah begs her not to do this. Daphne forces Cheetah to open her mouth by putting pressure on her neck and puts the spider in Cheetah’s mouth and places her hand over her mouth so she can’t spit the spider out. The creature gives Cheetah a shake and Cheetah’s eyes grow as big as possible. The creature hands Daphne the Golden Lasso and she puts it around Cheetah and orders her to swallow. Cheetah does. The creature wails and Daphne says yes in 5,4,3,2,and 1. Cheetah’s eyes rollback and slowly close. Daphne pulls her hand away and Cheetah’s head falls forward. Daphne takes the lasso off. She lifts Cheetah’s head and checks her eyes then lets it fall forward again. Daphne lifts Cheetah’s hand up and lets go it drops to her side. Does it again and it slowly drops to her side. The third time it stays in place. Daphne says she is ready. The creature wails and Cheetah awakens and says I will obey. The creature wails again and both girls say they will obey and then holds hands and follows the creature away. (Camera fades out) (Camera fades back in) All three are in a bed with the creature in the middle Daphne snuggling up on one side and Cheetah on the other. The creature wails and Daphne tells him he was amazing and Cheetah asks if they can do it again. The creature wails the girls say they will obey and snuggle up more and go to sleep with their head on the creatures chest. The creature lifts Cheetah’s head up and admires her sleeping face and puts her back down. Then does the same to Daphne. Then he puts his hands behind his head and Says life is good. And the camera scans the sleeping girls and fades out again.



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