Sleazegroin – CAT GURL

Sleazegroin – CAT GURL

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: She was a good Hero gone bad as the incredible Cat Gurl starts robbing the rich in the city that she swore to protect. Captain Apocalypse is flown in to stop her from doing more damage and sets a trap at the Mayor’s house. She crawls in wearing her tight body outfit that when seen in night vision video you can see she is not wearing any underwear. As she slithers into the trap The Captain grabs her from behind and lifts her up as she kicks her legs in slow motion to break free, she kicks Captain Apocalypse in the head which sends him flying back thirty feet back through a table, he forgot how strong she is as he becomes dazed and confused from the beating, Cat Gurl uses the moment to jump on top of Apocaypse and scissor locks his head as her ass grinds in his face, he suddenly breaks free and spins behind her using a wrestling move that pins her on the ground doggie style, he starts interrogating her as to why she has turned to evil and gets a different story about the corrupt Mayor who enslaves the city for profit, and how she thought she was fighting for good but was only deceived, While she talks, Apocalypse cock is grinding on Catn Gurl’s super fine ass and starts getting aroused, he ties her up on a supension bar and starts feeling her body as he continues his interrogation, not happy with her answers he puts a ring gag on her mouth and whips out his cock, in a swift move he starts forcing his cock in her mouth as she is helpless from being tied up and gagged by his cock, she can’t even bite down because of the super ring gag that renders her useless. He plays with her body and finally cums in her mouth, but he is not done yet, he needs to finish the job and stop her for good as ordered by the Mayor. He pulls out his chainsaw and gets ready to chop her into pieces. Will Cat Gurl make it out alive? Tune in and watch.



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