Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Danni Deprave was created for one thing… to re-live a nightmare over and over again. Danni is a clone, she wakes up in a room full of body bags filled with duplicates of her. She walks over the next room and meets a masked man who right away exterminates her with a knife. She wakes up again in the same room and walks over to the next room only to find the masked man fucking her exterminated clone body, Learning from the first lesson she picks up a machete and exterminates him. She journeys down the hallway and finds the masked man again, this time with a pistol who exterminates her again. She wakes up again in the clone room and walks by her bodies until she meets up with the mask man again. Tired of being exterminated she offers the masked man sex in exchanged for not being exterminated, he agrees in which she continues to blow him, after he cums all over her face her other clone down the hall comes to life and ironically exterminates her. This is a must see twisted clip for clone fans.



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