Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Once again the Alien Super Fiend is among us with it’s voracious appitite for human female flesh. Lux May goes to the basement to sneak a cigarette unaware that she will be it’s next victim as the Alien makes it’s hunger mating call, the sounds it makes draws her attention to investigate. As she walks further into the room she see’s the Super Sex Fiend with it’s lightning speed reflexes wrapping it’s tentacles around her body and pulling her on to the ground. It’s tectacles secrete a liquid that makes her body partially catatonic as she struggles to break free from it’s powerful grip and like a hunter, the tentacles goes in for it’s mission, to penetrate all of her orifices in her body, she struggles more to fights back, kicking and screaming for help but eventually succumbing to the Alien’s powers pulling her closer to it’s mouth and ripping away her clothes, the tentacles start plugging away at all of her holes while secreting white liquid all over her face and body. Too weak to fight, Lux starts getting dragged into the Alien’s awaiting mouth as it slowly swallows her feet first into it’s mouth for an amazing Vore finish as her body gets swallowed up whole into it’s mouth.



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