Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #17

Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #17

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: This is the complete version of part one and two. Blowie and Phil wander around the city looking for the rest of the gang when they come upon a mutated Zombie, suddenly a grouper leaps twenty feet and attacks Blowie, as she fights of the zombie Phil takes pictures with his camera as her tits get grouped then he pulls out his and shoots the Grouper off her multiple times that it flies and splats on a wall. They finally reach the safe house and only Prances is there to greet them as they enter more Zombies attack Blowie as she fights them off trying to close the door on them, the two men watch in perverted fashion. She yells at them for not helping as she shoots a Zombie in the head and closes the door. They load up on weapons and ammo. Phil finds a video camera and decides to document the post apocalyptic situation in case the world dosen’t know whats going on, he goes to the bathroom and speaks to the camera about the Zombie Apocalypse until he finds a bunch of pills and eats them like candy. As he stumbles with the camera stoned out of his ass he stumbles on Blowie and Prances getting it on. He yells at them for not getting prepared to look for Louie but the sex is too much for Phil’s dirty mind that he decides to video tape them going at it as Blowie tries to deep throat Prances mighty penis, she gags and keeps trying to force his cock down her throat as she gets ready to fuck him while Phil shoots the action, which ends part one of this clip.


LEFT 4 HEAD 17.flv

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