Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #19 THE VIRUS

Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #19 THE VIRUS

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: We go back to the beginning where it all started, it was called the Dragon Flu, a nasty import from China that became pandemic. Alexis Malone plays a reporter who shows that even the infected that have been buried will still infect anything around them as she shows infected grave site with no grass or plant life around it compared to a grass grown grave of a normal person. As she reports a strange figure slowly comes to her from behind. The cameraman points him out and as she turns around the man attacks and gropes her, screaming for help the cameraman keeps shooting as the zombie starts lifting up her dress exposing her bare body then makes her suck his cock while the camera still rolls. She struggles and yells at him for help but then she succumbs to sucking his cock and cumming in her mouth, the zombie gets weak and she pushes him away and runs, the zombie gets up and sees the cameraman and attacks him.


LEFT 4 HEAD 19.flv

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