Sleazegroin – PURE VORE #14 NON NUDE

Sleazegroin – PURE VORE #14 NON NUDE

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: There seems to be a debate over the Pure Vore series, some like their talent stripped and some like them dressed. So I decided to shoot both, In this first one hot Porn star Alexis Malone enters the living room with her clean laundry, she starts folding her clothes when she hears the familiar eerie sound of the Super Fiend, like a Pig ready to feast the sounds lure Alexis to investigate as she gets closer the Fiend wraps it’s tentacles around her neck and pulls her down, she struggles with the Fiend while screaming for anyone to help but alas the tentacles are quick in capturing it’s prey and she soon gets dragged on the ground kicking and screaming up to the hungry mouth as it starts sucking her in head first, she kicks and struggles some more as her nice big ass bounces up and down while the fiend turns her stomach down showing the nice curves of her ass through the short mini black hot pants, her long black socks are still on as she enters the gasturic center of the Fiend, as she realise this the end for her as she gets digested fully clothed. Alexis is wearing knee high black stockings with a matching black skimpy curve hugging hot shorts and a small white shirt, this is the non-nude version.



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