VelvetsFantasies – Agent Becca’s Plan

Agent Becca's Plan

VelvetsFantasies – Agent Becca’s Plan

Categories: Death Fetish, SoftCore, Gun Fun, Non Nude, Non Sex, Girls Play, Amazon, RolePlay, F/F

Description: We fade in on a villain’s POV: his security cameras catching Agent Becca breaking into his lair. She stalks the pool area as her target (Sleeperkid) stealthily makes his way behind her. A mighty dose of chloroform takes her down ever so gently. We watch the baddie cradle carry her, enjoying her completely limp form. Bored with the day until now, SK decides to play a game of cat and mouse with the beautiful blonde, knocking her out repeatedly and carrying around his property, culminating in a final showdown inside the house that ends with a twist: Becca comes to and suddenly strikes, knocking her tormentor out with a tazer as he makes a phone call to his boss (Miss Velvets). She grabs the phone and smiles as she reveals her plan was to make it inside Velvet’s stronghold this entire time by using herself as bait.

She challenges Velvets to a showdown…setting the stage for CHAPTER TWO as we fade to black!

This movie contains chloroform KOs, black jack KO, neck pinch KO, sleepy spray KO, cradle carries, over the shoulder carry, cradle carry into OTS, interrogations, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation

Agent Becca's Plan screen
Agent Beccas Plan.wmv

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