VelvetsFantasies – Toy Gun Fun

Toy Gun Fun

VelvetsFantasies – Toy Gun Fun

Categories: Death Fetish, SoftCore, Gun Fun, Non Nude, Non Sex, Girls Play, Amazon, RolePlay, F/F

Description: Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Dee, and Mandy. The girls decide to have some fun by reenacting some of their favorite movie scenes with toy machine guns. Each scene has a different rotation of who gets mowed down. There are NO blood scenes, or special effects. Just the sound of the toy guns firing. The performance of each girl is stellar as they dance violently while getting shot repeatedly from both the front and back in certain scenes. This movie contains 19 different shooting scenarios, body piles and riddling, frontal and back machine gunning.

Toy Gun Fun screen
Toy Gun Fun.wmv

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