Roadkill Studio – One Bad Turn Part 2

Roadkill Studio – One Bad Turn Part 2

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Candle Boxx, Mallory Page, Wednesday Harrington, Jethro, Natalia Chaplin, Ryanne Rhodes, Ada Johnson, Morris Baer

A group of cheerleaders and their coach are headed for a Cheerleader Camp in Oregon. They aren’t well prepared for the trip and become lost. The run out of gas near an encampment of hillbillys. Sadly for them, the hillbillys are flesh eaters -and they prefer girl meat. In Part 2,
The miscreant hillbillies go hunting for Mallory at night. She runs through the woods clad only in her panties. While running from Jethro, she runs into Mo and is impaled on his sword. She is stripped and carried to the smokehouse where her body is placed on the cutting table and butchered.

Ada wakes up in the van and seeks refuge in an isolated monastery, only to find that the resident Monk is one of the cannibals. She tries to flee, but he brings her down with a crossbow. Parts of Ada end up on hooks in the smokehouse with the carcasses of Mallory, Natalia, and Candle.

Ryanne goes searching for her friends and chances upon the smokehouse while the hillbillies are having a drunken feast on her friends. She discovers the bodies and body parts of her friends and escapes, screaming, into the forest….. Look for a sequel coming soon.

One Bad Turn Part 2.mp4

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