Choke Chamber – Shooting darcie

Choke Chamber – Shooting darcie

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Darcie D is a rogue spy, who is out to kill her ex partner. Unfortunately for her, her ex partner knows she is coming. The ex partner lays in wait for Darcie to arrive and take her out quickly. When Darcie arrives she has no idea that she’s fallen into a trap. The ex partner fires once and the bullet hits Darcie in the stomach. In shock and pain, Darcie clutches her stomach and makes to escape. She turns around and stumbles away. The pain and loss of blood make Darcie’s knees weak, and she falls to her knees and begins to crawl away. Darcie isn’t a spy for nothing, and after crawling a few feet, she wills herself back to her feet. Using a wall for support, she continues to make her getaway. Unfortunately for her, her ex partner has other ideas. Seeing that Darcie is about to escape, they fire another bullet into her lower back. Pain lances through Darcie’s lower back and she stares down at her stomach to see another bullet wound. She clutches her stomach with both hands and stumbles a step. Darcie slowly falls to her knees, still clutching her stomach. A wave of pain forces her forwards, and she supports herself with one hand. With her consciousness fading, Darcie expires agonizingly slowly.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, erotic silencer shooting, muzzle flash, special CGI bullet effects, light blood, belly clutching, crawling, cleavage, high heel pumps, eyes wide, tongue out, sexy elegant short skirt and low cut blouse, spy scenario, crawling,

Shooting darcie
Shooting darcie.mp4

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