Choke Chamber – Two girls shot dead cocktail

Two girls shot dead cocktail.0025

Choke Chamber – Two girls shot dead cocktail

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


This video includes 14 great episodes about female shooting death. It’s the best no-blood shooting from Crime House with many different shooting death situation and not only. Angelina is a great model who shows funny and realistic death reactions. Luiza has a very sexy body and can do great acting for two! In this video you will see home attaches, slow deaths, quick deaths, shooting in the chest, in the stomach, head shots, pillow suffocation, good girls, bad girls, girls killing each other, panic, screams before deaths, opened eyes death stares, closes eyes death stares and many other surprises. Clothing and situations are very different.

Many scenes with two girls shot dead in different situations .
Fetish Elements:

adult girls in fetish schoolgirls uniform, military girls, stockings, sexy underwear, short jeans shorts, elegant dresses, topless, death stares, shooting, gunplay.

Two girls shot dead cocktail
Two girls shot dead cocktail.mp4

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