Black Nylons – Sweet And Tender

Black Nylons – Sweet And Tender

Categories: Snuff Play, Death Fetish, Shooting, Bloody, Lesbian, Naked Slut, Stabbing

Description: Luscious Jemma Jordan is luxuriating in her bath while Jenna Dee is having a sandwich for lunch. Little do they know that the neighborhood pervert is stalking them and is soon to break in.

He stabs Jemma twice, visciously, and Jemma goes down painfully. After Jemma draws her last breath, Elan disrobes her and pulls her body out of the way.

On to Jenna, who’s now in the bathroom. Catching her by surprise, he plunges the knife into her white blouse twice, then dumps her struggling body into the bathwater, waiting for her to bleed out…


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