Choke Chamber – Druglord Deliverance

Choke Chamber – Druglord Deliverance

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Cartel Queen-Pins Alyssa and her twin sis are major players in the Kansas city drug scene. We open up with Alyssa receiving distressing news about her sister’s death. Distraught, she grieves hard, finding solace with alcohol and cocaine producing an erotic flood of emotions. She masturbates to feel better but nothing helps. She falls unconscious… maybe dead. When a hitman shows up to take her out… he sees her unconscious body and presumes her to be dead. He inspects her to confirm status, and removes her clothing, revealing her lovely body. Suddenly she explodes up, latching, grabbing the hitman around the neck, punching him and fighting. But he’s strong. He lifts her by the throat, subdues her, then chokes her forcibly until she expires. There’s a new Kingpin now…

Exotic asian vixen Alyssa throat lifted and choked out by hitman

Fetish Elements:
Super sexy death stares, throat-lift, Barehanded choke, Garrote, Eyes wide, Tongue out, Legs kicking and twitching, Nudity, Masturbation, Stockings, garter, sexy Lingerie, bare feet, foot worship or foot views or foot play, necro-stripping, fondling, handling, manipulation, limp play, rag doll, post-mortem, multiple death pans, body moaning, writhing, Submission and domination

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